Welcome to Eohio.Net's Personal Web Page Server

This is the server for all of our Customer's personal web sites. This server is a Unix server. This does not have FrontPage extensions on it. If you want a commercial page (one money is made from or business advertised) we can host your pages for a fee. We also have people available to build web pages if you need. We can host your domain like www.yourcompany.com just contact our Sales Department.

  • Your web address is now http://pages.eohio.net/yourdialupuseridhere

  • You will need to set your ftp program to ftp to pages.eohio.net.

  • This server is case sensitive. This means if your file name has capital and lower case letter in the name, your html files must also have it spelled the same way.

  • Login userids can only be 8 characters or less. If your dialup userid is longer then 8 characters, then you ftp to this server using only the first 8 characters of you userid. This isn't a limitation on your password. Your web address will contain your full dialup userid.

    dialup userid1234567890
    pages userid123454678
    web addresshttp://pages.eohio.net/1234567890
If you would like to have an personal web page, please send your request to pageseo@eohio.net

If you need help building web page you can get information from our Web Page Support page. Please direct any questions about your pages' account to pageseo@eohio.net. Please include your e-mail address.