Harrison County Emergency Medical Services

EMS Harrison County Emergency Medical Services is a countywide, all volunteer organization providing emergency medical services and transportation for those in need of assistance in times of accidents and/or illnesses. Each squad consists of volunteers who have been trained and are certified in providing such services. Their levels of expertise vary from Basic Emergency Medical Technicians to licensed Paramedics. These dedicated individuals are NOT paid for their work! They are volunteers who give of their time and effort to serve the people of Harrison County.

Each squad is dispatched by the Harrison County Sheriff's department and can be reached by calling the following telephone number:


The squads are based throughout Harrison County and can be identified by their unit numbers.

  1. 100 Cadiz
  2. 101 Cadiz
  3. 102 Bowerston
  4. 103 Scio
  5. 104 Jewett
  6. 105 Hopedale
  7. 106 Harrisville
  8. 107 New Athens
  9. 108 Piedmont
  10. 109 Freeport
  11. 110 Tippecanoe
  12. 111 Deersville

Since there is always a need for additional personnel, anyone interested in becoming involved in the work of the squads is urged to contact their local squad or can receive information by contacting the Harrison County Sheriff's office at 740-942-2197.

Thanks to all of the Members of Harrison County Emergency Medical Services Squads for a job well done!

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